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At PayShield, we believe that when families face an emergency, how they'll pay for it should be the last thing on their minds


More than half of American families experience a financial shock every year

But daily expenses keep families from saving enough to withstand these shocks

There's a better way to help families in crisis

Lenders have made this problem worse. Their focus on credit worthiness--rather than probability of repayment--means that the families most in need pay the highest rates on emergency loans and credit cards. Until now 


PayShield is a new kind of employer benefit

PayShield is an emergency line of credit, offered as an employer benefit.


If you experience a financial shock, such as an unplanned car, home, or medical expense, we secure you a line of credit at the lowest possible rates


Automated payback through payroll deductions makes repayment easy. And by focusing on your employer, we never profit off of your unplanned expenses


Applying is simple, fast and convenient!

1. Log in to your workplace 

benefits portal, select PayShield

2. Customize the repayment terms to suit your needs

3. Get approved within

1-2 days

4. Payments are automatic, so you can get back to focusing on what's important

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